Version 0.1.152 updates!

  • Player spawn position randomized
  • A lamp added near to the player
  • Reloading system revamped 
    • Now it is possible to fast reload
    • If narrow spot is hit, it will fast reload and will make reload speed faster
    • Failed fast reload will reset fast reloading speed bonus
    • New reload animations
  • Added some other keys for pausing P and ~ ` keys for web as ESC was cancelling full screen
  • New sound effects!
    • Revolver sound updated
    • 2 melee attack hit sounds and a miss sound added
    • Enemy death sound updated
    • Added enemy approaching sounds
  • Added a hp bar on right of the screen (will be changed later with better version)
  • Added reload and fast reload key info for first 10 usages
  • Bug fixed about reload animation was continuing on player death
  • Player walk speed increased to 22.5 from 18

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Version v0.1.152 11 days ago 44 MB
Version v0.1.152 11 days ago 45 MB
Version v0.1.152 11 days ago

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