Post jam updates

  • Restating bug fixed
  • Lighting shaders and background representation updated
  • Added screenshot feature for F12 key
  • Falling logic and visuals updated
  • Lamps now can fall down if thrown to empty area
  • Exploding enemy added
  • Implemented damage tracking to show why player has died
  • Added death animation for player exploding
  • Added sound effect for acid
  • Added theme music to main menu
  • Updated game music
  • Animation and shadow fixes for enemies
  • Enemy transparency will be per pixel determined by light with shaders, instead of distance to light
  • Fixes to accomplish pixel perfect resizing and graphics
  • When no other enemies left, remaining slimes will attack player instead of going through random directions
  • Some info added to show if player can pickup items on mouse over
  • Quit button removed for web version
  • Added version info to main menu
  • Reload system has changed. Now it is allowed to reload while moving but it is slow. You can fast reload by hitting R again in white zone in reload progress
  • Added enemy blood effects
  • Linux and OSX builds added
  • Added melee attack animation and fixed melee attack range (Right click to perform melee attack)

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Version v0.1.133 Mar 19, 2020 73 MB
Version v0.1.133 Mar 19, 2020 72 MB
Version v0.1.133 Mar 19, 2020 73 MB
Version v0.1.133 Mar 19, 2020

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That's a nice list of updates.

Thank you!