Dungeons & Diceball is an endless horde action arcade game where you flick dice with various magical abilities into figurine enemies. How long will you last against the countless plastic goblins, skeletons, and Lovecraftian beasts?

Move  [WASD] / [Arrow keys]
Kick (Hold to charge)  [Space]

- Your remaining health can be seen at the bottom of the screen
- Hold space to charge up a stronger kick

Burak (Codemancer) Codetorex@gmail.com
Brian (Game design & Art) BricksParts@gmail.com
Spencer Brown (Production)
Aljoscha Guenther (Composition) https://aljoschaguenther.wordpress.com/
Ali Deniz (Game Design) Alidnzclk@gmail.com


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dungeons-and-diceball-linux.zip 40 MB
Version 0.1 (build 91) 5f158d1
dungeons-and-diceball-windows.zip 39 MB
Version 0.1 (build 91) 5f158d1
dungeons-and-diceball-mac.zip 64 MB
Version 0.1 (build 91) 5f158d1
html.zip 14 MB


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Really fun. I couldn't go far, it escalates a bit fast but I probably wouldn't enjoy it if it was way too easy as well.  Good game overall!


Cool game, If you are playing this game, time is out of control by yours.


Nice artwork and machanics. It escalates very quickly .. maybe to quickly. When I started to enjoy i died. It fits the topic of 2020 too "Out of Control".


I wanted to play many times. My highest is 74. Well done!


Really like the art, mechanics well work. Max score:69, nice !


sick game! art is really good and  kinda reminds me of risk of rain 2


This is really cool. Only gripe with it is that I don't really notice when I get damaged. I can't believe this was made in 2 days.


Fun game! Managed a score of 34 on my first go. Really great concept and execution.